• Round #1 – Amici qualified 2nd, Mitchell finished 3rd (3rd overall). Amici shoved off track on Lap 1 by #29. Lost track position.
  • Round #2 – Mitchell qualified 1st, On Lap 5 (8 minutes into race), Mitchell drops a wheel in braking zone of Turn 5. Catches car but edges through gravel trap, resulting in engine fire. Car retired. No drive time for Amici. DNF


ANDREA AMICI, No. 1 Prestige Performance Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo (PRO):

Round 1 – “I am very happy with our race and with the car. I had a super start with everyone being quite aggressive. I tried to give the 29 car a little space around Turn 3 of the first lap and ended up in the grass. We lost some time, and had to come from the back but I ended my stint in 3rd place which I feel very good about. Sandy did a great job and had great speed with us finishing 3rd. With the exception of the start, I think we could have won. We start from Pole tomorrow, so I think we will have a positive result.”

SANDY MITCHELL, No. 1 Prestige Performance Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo (PRO):

Round 1 – “I am very happy with my stint. With our strong pace, we managed to finish third, just behind the leaders. I am very confident about tomorrow’s race – we start on pole, have a strong car and should have a positive result. Though this is my first time in a Lamborghini ST Evo, I am really enjoying it and am looking forward to tomorrow.”

Round 2 – “It was a strong weekend overall. We had a good start and I was very proud of my qualifying speed that secured the pole yesterday for this race. We had a good start and were running reasonably stable upfront. Going into Turn 5, I made a mistake with the braking and ended up going off slightly into the gravel, hurting the temps in the car. It was definitely disappointing. I’m looking forward to Watkins Glen. I think we proved this weekend that we have the speed. We test there in about a month, and that will be my first time on the track. I am looking forward it – I’ve heard such wonderful things about that track.”




  • Round #1 – Harrison qualified 1st, Cemo finished 6th (17th overall) – Cemo had incident with 88. Gears got stuck forcing her to drop 2 laps down. o Ashton Harrison had fastest lap in LBCup, Race #1, 1:27.865 94.235 mph.
  • Round #2 – Cemo qualified 5th, Started race and fought hard to stay with leaders in class. Harrison climbed up to 4th overall and with 2:45 minutes left in race, fought hard to pass the 88 for the podium position – first on outside then on inside. Almost passing, spun and had to accept 4th in class and 11th overall in second outing. Ashton Harrison had fastest Lap in LB Cup, Race #2, 1:27.925 94.170 Mph


ASHTON HARRISON, No. 43 Prestige Performance Lamborghini Huracán ST (LB CUP)

Round 1 – “Both Stephanie and I are very happy with our opening run. Though we didn’t get the result we were looking for, I think we set the bar in LB Cup today and sent the message that we are not here to play, but to win. I am so happy to be with WTR, it has been a dream of mine. They set up the perfect car and we are looking forward to finishing 1st tomorrow and putting the car where it deserves to be.”

Round 2 – “Obviously it was a bit challenging there at the end, when you run out of time to make things happen. Stephanie kept us on the lead lap and handed over the car in great condition. Our goal was to be on podium and we almost got there. I got a little a head of myself working to catch the car in front of me. We were almost there. Just need to put our heads down and get it done in Watkins Glen.”

STEPHANIE CEMO, No. 43 Prestige Performance Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo (LB CUP):

Round 1 – “Everything was great until the incident with the 88. I could not have a better co-driver. Ashton is amazing. Once I get more time under my belt, I will be more consistent. I did drop 2.5 seconds in Qualifying from my practice time yesterday just by braking better. It is a learning curve and looking forward to tomorrow’s race.”



  • Round #1 – Cassels qualified 2nd, Finished 2nd (7th overall). In Race #1, Cassels had fastest lap 4 1:27.029 95.140 Mph
  • Round #2 – Cassels qualified 2nd, Lap 3 (4 minutes into race), Cassels tangles with No. 13. Car has to retire. (DNF).


CAMERON CASSELS, No. 33 Prestige Performance Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo (AM):

Round 1 – “The race was hot and slippery due to the different compounds on the track. Such a great race. I have improved on my starts from last year, which I am happy about. The car was fantastic. I have been told I had the fastest lap in my class and I guess I could have pushed even harder but there was a big gap between myself and the car behind me, so no need to be a hero. I am looking to what we can do tomorrow.”

Round 2 – No quotes available.



  • Round #1 – Hubbell qualified 3rd, Curran finished 2nd (11th overall).
  • Round #2 – Curran qualified 2nd in class. Curran climbed as high as 2nd overall before handing off car to Hubbell who ended 3rd in Class and 7th overall.


WILLIAM HUBBELL, No. 69 Prestige Performance Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo (AM):

  • No quotes available

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ERIC CURRAN, No. 69 Prestige Performance Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo (PRO):

  • No quotes available.

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